July 11th, 2012

Designer Warehouse Sale continues

I’m continuing to unearth treasures from storage. I’ve had this darling desk so long, I can’t remember where it came from! It is remarkably comfortable and would make homework ever so much more fun! Email me if you are interested in this, or any other item featured in recent posts.

Vintage Wooden School Desk – A very charming little accent piece, this old school desk is made of solid oak and is super sturdy. The attached writing surface is the perfect size for an iPad or small laptop.

Functional book shelf under the seat will store a laptop.

The desk is large enough to accommodate an average size adult. (It fits me comfortably.) It could be used as a cute seating piece, a bedside table, or as a useful conversation piece in a sun room, family room or child’s bedroom.

I wonder if Tom + Dot are still together.

The desk has its original finish which is nicely worn. It has a few paint splatters as well as the old, original graffiti on the writing surface. (You can tell it’s old…there are no four-letter words!)

Charming Vintage Wooden School Desk – $50.00 (plus shipping, if required)

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12 Responses

  • Kris said:

    Is the school desk still available? Where does this ship from?
    Thank you!

  • Theresa said:

    Is this still available?

  • delane mcgee said:

    Is this desk for sale, if so what is the price?

  • C. Fox said:

    What wood is the desk made of? What are you asking for it?

  • Tom said:

    I have a similar desk chair in original condition I was wondering it’s value. I have photos of it if you’d need to see it. Thank you

  • merry said:

    So sorry to have missed your comments. I wish I could help with valuing your desk, Tom. Obviously $50. is too much as mine has still not sold! Seriously, high shipping costs are also a big factor. If you can sell your desk to someone available for local pick-up, that would be a big plus, I think.

  • merry said:


  • merry said:

    Yes, it is still available. Price is $50. plus shipping.

  • merry said:

    I think this desk is built of either oak or ash. Price is $50. plus shipping.

  • Carolyn Prince said:

    I will purchase for 50$ including shipping. Or check on shipping cost to Panama City FL 32404 and let me know what those are to negotiate price.
    You can email me back to
    If you have more than 1 please let me know as well.
    Thank yoy,

  • Amanda Jones said:

    Is this still available?

  • Brenda said:

    I love this desk. I used to have one in high school. Is it still available? If not can you get another?

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