March 29th, 2012

Devilishly Delicious!

Deviled eggs always remind me of spring. Maybe it’s because we had to do something with all our colored Easter eggs, but egg salad or deviled eggs would always be part of our Easter meal along with baked ham, warm potato salad and green beans. They are easy to make and fun to customize. Here is the basic recipe and a few ideas for making them extra special.

Select eggs that are about a week old. They are best for boiling as the shell will separate more easily. Put eggs in a large sauce pan and cover with cold water. Bring to a boil, then turn off the heat and cover the pan. Let eggs sit for 12 minutes. Then drain and cool under running water. Tap shells on countertop and crack gently all over. Remove shells under running water being careful to keep whites intact.

Cut eggs in half lengthwise and pop out yolks into a small mixing bowl. Mash yolks with about 1/4 cup mayo (for 6 eggs) and about 1 tablespoon yellow mustard. Mix until yolks are smooth and most lumps are gone. Fill whites with yolk mixture. I use a spoon, but I have a friend who uses a pastry bag to make her’s extra fancy.

Now the fun part! Top with capers, olives, tiny pickles, slivered red pepper, thinly sliced cucumber and fresh dill, tiny slices of smoked salmon or ham, an asparagus tip, crumbled bacon, you name it! Or just go for the classic and add a sprinkle of paprika and black pepper. Enjoy!

The devilish chick in the center is in honor of our Richmond eaglets. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, go to my Facebook page (link at left) to find the link. Warning: you may become obsessed with baby eagles.

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4 Responses

  • Cindy Ensminger said:

    LOL When I saw the chick above, I immediately thought of the eaglets! Then I read the caption! Very good resemblance – and a great idea!

  • merry said:

    I can’t take credit for the cute, devilish chick. I totally stole this idea!


    Stolen idea or not…I love your eaglet!

  • merry said:

    Thank you, Suzette. And thanks for reading Flourish! PS: Have you seen the eaglets today? They grow overnight…I’m not kidding!

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