January 18th, 2012

The Dining Light

Niermann Weeks Vivaldi chandelier available through Merry Powell Interiors

A chandelier is the focal point of most dining rooms. Choosing the right one is critical to the overall success of the room. A well-made chandelier will also be a substantial investment, so make sure to select a style that you truly love and one that fits the room and the table. The formula for determining the diameter of a round chandelier is as follows: add the width and length of the room. For example, a 14′ x 16′ room would = 30. Therefore, 30″ is the size of the chandelier that would work best in this room.

Niermann Weeks Danieli chandelier avaiable through Merry Powell Interiors

Of course, this is only a guideline. The size and shape of the table should also be considered. If the table is narrow, go with a smaller diameter fixture. If the table is very long, perhaps a rectangular or oval fixture would work better. You might also consider using two or more small chandeliers instead of a single large one. Generally speaking, the bottom of the chandelier should be about 30″ above the table top or approx. 5′ from the floor. Again, there are other considerations. If the ceiling is especially tall, you may want to hang the fixture a little higher. It’s all about balance, proportion and what feels right to you. But please don’t settle for a generic brass, six-arm builder special. Buy something wonderful and make every dinner a special occasion.

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